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LA Knee Pain: Stem Cell Injections with Dr. Lox

Dr. Dennis Lox is an expert in knee pain and the use of stem cell injections. Dr. Lox is treating patients in LA and California, with stem cell injections for knee pain from a diverse array of knee pain problems. LA is home to many sports franchises, and it’s warm climate favor an outdoor athletic population, that often develops knee pain. Stem cells may be an option for some patients with acute and chronic knee pain. Dr. Lox has treated patients with knee meniscal tears and arthritis. Some patients who have surgery do not improve, and some cases may be amenable to treatment with stem cell injections. Dr. Lox has treated such cases, including professional athletes who did not respond to knee meniscal surgery with knee stem cell injections. If these athletes fail to improve with knee surgery, their sports career may be over, the ability to utilize stem cell treatments in these patients offer not only return to their sports career, it may also be an issue of quality of life and long term deter knee arthritis. Many patients with knee pain wish to avoid knee joint replacement. Stem cells may be an option in patients with chronic knee pain who are told they need a knee replacement. LA is a major metropolitan area, and knee ailments are commonly seen in athletes and with advancing age. Dr. Lox is available for consultations on knee disorders and the use of stem cell injections.