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Knee Stem Cells To Help Prolong Sports Careers

Stem Cell Therapy for knees is gaining popularity. Athletes with sports injuries have been utilizing Knee Stem Cell Therapy. The role of stem cell treatments in sports medicine has both scientific and regenerative applications.
Trauma accelerates the degenerative arthritis cascade. This is a continuos domino like effect. The normal repair processes of joint cartilage are disrupted and an imbalance exists in which breakdown exceeds repair. This results in a net loss of knee joint cartilage.

Knee surgery is generally done in sports medicine for athletes who sustain sports injuries to their knees. Surgery is a form of trauma. Knee surgery done for knee trauma results in more cumulative progression towards eventual knee osteoarthritis or arthritis.

It is not unusual for athletes who have knee surgery to later have more knee problems or early arthritis. This has occurred during many elite professional athletes career, often shortening their longevity in sports. Professional football running backs do not play often into their mid 30’s. Quarterbacks can play till 40, if their shoulders and knees are good. However many famous Quarterbacks such as Joe Namath, had his career shortened due to knee arthritis and prior knee surgeries.

Now professional athletes are being treated with stem cells after their surgery. Some display rapid recovery. Whether they will still develop knee arthritis or will this arthritis be lessened as a result of their being treated with knee stem cells will remain to be seen. One possibility would be that these patients may have less knee arthritic effects, compared to if they did not receive the stem cells after surgery. However if they continue to play more years, perhaps the extended sports career will expose them to more knee trauma than they would have had if they retired.

An interesting academic question would be what would Joe Namath’s knee looked like towards the end of his career, if he had been treated with knee stem cells post surgery, and would it have lengthened his career? Of course these are just speculative interesting questions that no answer exists for.

What about professional athletes who have knee surgery fail to improve and are eventually released by their team?

Some have improved in this situation after treatment with stem cell treatments.

Dr. Dennis Lox has treated such professional athletes with persistent knee problems. These athletes failed to improve after knee surgery, and then they subsequently improved after knee stem cell treatments with Dr. Lox. Later the athletes we’re resigned to another professional sports franchise. Different situations do exist. Not all patients are alike and should not be treated as though they are all alike.

Optimal treatment requires optimal assessment and experience.