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Soccer places significant stress on the knee. Trauma to the knee is a frequent injury in soccer. Stem cells for knee problems has become more frequent in sports and including in the professional ranks. Stem cells for soccer players with knee problems is also more commonly occurring.

Dr. Dennis Lox has treated many soccer players for knee problems with Stem Cell Therapy. As with all sports that trauma occurs to the knees, arthritis is a well known consequence. Delaying the development or halting the progression of arthritis in athletes is extremely important. It is unclear if trauma associated arthritis will ever be fully curable with the continuation of sports, the ability to modify or decrease the progression of knee joint arthritis is vastly important to athletes wishing to continue in sports. The multi-factorial nature of degenerative arthritis including genetics further complicates the issue.

Soccer can result in meniscal tears, ACL tears, MCL tears, in addition to early degenerative arthritis. Knee surgery in the soccer player can accelerate the degenerative arthritis cascade. Fractures and avascular necrosis (AVN) may also occur in soccer players knees.

Stem Cell Therapy may be a viable option for soccer players who may be afflicted with a variety of knee problems.