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Skiers commonly injure their knees. Thank changes in boot design and bindings for sparing the previously devastated ankle, with imparting the force of injury to the knee.

That aside, modern skiers enjoy much more stability at speed.

Knee ailments in skiers is readily apparent as the ski patrol transports injured skiers down the mountain. The effect is better appreciated at après ski venues, where knee immobilizers and crutches are tell tale signs.

Stem cells have found their way into all avenues of sports. Skiers injure many knee sites, including the common meniscal tear, ACL tear, MCL and LCL sprain and tears.

Knee surgery is not uncommon in skiers. Trauma has been shown to accelerate arthritis. Surgery is a form of trauma. This illustrates a close examination that trauma and surgery, will indeed accelerate knee degenerative arthritis.

Ask any skier 15 years after knee surgery and a common thread occurs, knee arthritis is more likely than not. Most avid skiers wish to continue skiing. This leads to another dilemma. More trauma will further propagate the degeneration.

Dr. Dennis Lox a Sports and Regenerative Medicine expert, offers simply advice to the older skier with knee problems: don’t fall.

This advice sounds to simple. However, after discussing trauma and surgery, this advice is meant to reiterate a point. It is applicable to the young as well as the older skier from a scientific standpoint. Yet from a skier’s perspective it is not always obtainable with ice, changing snow conditions, and the moguls that may abound on your favorite runs.

The advice is meant to explain simplistically to lessen stressors on the knee and try and limit further trauma.

Stem cells may have a role in skiers much as they do in other sports that affect the knee. The rationale is to lessen the rate of arthritis progression. Halting this process or reversing it with some knee cartilage regrowth is ideal.

Many athletes wish to continue to enjoy their sport even with advancing age. The trick is to try and outsmart the arthritis as much as possible while maintaining quality of life.

Being smarter is becoming more educated. An experienced Sports and Regenerative Specialist such as Dr. Lox can be invaluable in this process.