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Knee Stem Cells and Obesity

Knee Stem Cells and Obesity

Knee problems are a common condition. Knee stem cell treatments are becoming more common. Obesity in the United States and other developed countries continues to escalate.

Most individuals who have knee pain are aware that being overweight is not good for their knees. Often despite this knowledge and even told they have knee arthritis, they still do not lose the weight.

Sometimes it is being told they need a knee replacement or worse two knee replacement surgeries, that is what finally gets their attention. In some cases their weight is so much that they fall into the obesity category and are told by the orthopedic surgeon that knee replacement cannot be done until they lose weight. This leaves these patients with knee pain and often debility.

A frequent complaint is that they hurt so much that they can’t exercise to lose the weight and their immobility may even result in more weight gain.

Dr. Dennis Lox a Sports and Regenerative Medicine expert is often consulted on these difficult cases. The proverbial catch 22 situation, sometimes has a solution.

At times stem cells can be placed into the knee of the overweight patient to reduce pain, improve mobility and function to jump start the weight loss effort. This is often more complicated than it seems. This is why an expert in Regenerative Medicine such as Dr. Lox is invaluable to the treatment as modifications to the treatment must be done to address factors which will hinder the effectiveness of knee stem cell treatment in overweight and obese patients.

Not all patients are alike, and not all overweight patients are alike. Individual factors which are important to treatment success is essential to achieve the best outcome.