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Football is fraught with injuries. The knee is frequently involved. Knee surgery is a well known situation in football, this results in ending some elite professional players careers. Some athletes may go on to stellar careers after surgery, and some athletes are able to avoid knee surgery.

We now know athletes are being treated with stem cells for knee problems, including after knee surgery. Some professional football players have made remarkable fast recoveries from what were lengthy post surgical recoveries. For some football players and other elite athletes the difference has been the addition of stem cells.

Football players are notorious for meniscus tears, medial and lateral collateral ligament strains and tears. The dreaded anterior cruciate ligament tear (ACL) has derailed many football careers at all ranks from high school to the professional football player.

Many famous and very talented football players especially running backs are never the same after knee injuries and surgeries. While others continue on with football. Joe Namath is a famous example of a professional quarterback, who despite winning a super bowl, was stricken with rapid degenerative arthritis after knee surgeries. Namath later in life had both knees replaced.

There are those professional athletes that do not respond to knee surgery and their careers are stalled, or the team cuts them when the do not progress in a timely fashion.

Dr. Dennis Lox has treated some of these failed knee surgery athletes with stem cell therapy, and they have later gone on to be resigned with new teams. This includes professional football. The viability of stem cell applications for athletes has led to new insights to knee injury, recovery and treatment.