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Knee Osteonecrosis

Knee Osteonecrosis

Knee osteonecrosis is another name for avascular necrosis (AVN)
There are several names for this medical condition:

Knee osteonecrosis
Knee avascular necrosis (AVN)
Knee ischemic necrosis
Knee aseptic necrosis
Knee bone infarction
Knee bone infraction

Osteonecrosis and avascular necrosis (AVN) are the most common terms. Differences in regional preferences or authors may have a predilection for one term.

Osteonecrosis Definition
A loss of blood supply to a region of bone results in bone cell death. Bone refers to osteo, and necrosis refers to bone cell death. Avascular refers to the loss of blood supply.

Osteonecrosis of the knee may be present in any bone surrounding the knee. Most commonly the femur or tibia.

The extend of osteonecrosis can influence the course of the condition. Osteonecrosis of larger regions of bone in close proximity to the knee joint may collapse. If the necrotic bone collapses, a rapid secondary joint arthritis can follow often with recommendations for total knee joint replacement.

Alternatives to knee joint replacement are often sought. Younger patients and athletes are more impacted by the prospect of knee joint replacement, though all patients typically would like an alternative if reasonable to knee joint replacement. Younger patients have to deal with the lifespan of the knee implant, while athletes may not return to their chosen career after knee joint replacement.

Stem Cell Therapy has been included as an alternative to knee joint replacement for patients with knee osteonecrosis or avascular necrosis (AVN). This decision should be made with an experienced Regenerative Medicine physician who understands osteonecrosis and has treated this condition with Stem Cell Therapy.

Dr. Dennis Lox is an expert in Sports and Regenerative Medicine. Dr. Lox has treated many patients with a variety of types of osteonecrosis or AVN, including the knee. Dr. Lox has also treated athletes with AVN successfully with Stem Cell Therapy, including soccer players, tennis players and even ballerinas with knee osteonecrosis.