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Knee joint swelling may occur for a variety of reasons. Possible causes are injury to the knee joint, degenerative arthritis, infectious and inflammatory processes.

Knee injury resulting in knee swelling. may be a known traumatic injury, a prior injury or an underlying degenerative meniscal tear that was previous silent or symptomatic.

Degenerative or osteoarthritis may cause knee swelling often referred to as an effusion. Some patients may have so much swelling, the knee joint must be drained as it interferes with mobility and is quite painful.

Infections can present as knee swelling. The knee joint may be hot and swollen. Though heat and swelling is not limited to infections. Laboratory analysis, fever, or joint fluid analysis may determine this.

Arthritis processes are not limited to osteoarthritis. The autoimmune disorders rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and psoriatic arthritis may present as knee swelling.

Joint crystals as in in gout or pseudo gout may also be present in knees resulting in swelling.

Knee Stem Cell Therapy for swelling related to injury, prior trauma, including surgery may be considered. Stem cell treatments for knee arthritis are more common, including as an alternative to knee joint replacement.