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Knee Debility and Disability

Knee Debility and Disability

Chronic knee pain is a frequent finding in those traumatically injured in sports or work. At as we age, the knee is the most common joint afflicted with arthritis. Knee osteoarthritis is the 6th leading cause of disability.

Trauma accelerates arthritis, and surgery is often performed for knee trauma. Knee surgery further accelerates knee joint arthritis. This leads to an ever increasing problem with time. Especially those that continue to have knee pain despite prior knee surgery.

This leads to further debility. Debility is the lack of functional level due to an injury or illness. A frequent secondary effect of debility is weight gain which may bring more medical problems further perpetuating the debility. Diabetes, heart disease, hypertension are all correlated with arthritis and obesity.

Disability is a more legal term rather than a medical description. It can take the meaning of lack of ability to continue working or maintain gainful employment as the result of debility. This can all result from an original knee injury, and become compounded by knee surgery, the development of arthritis, and weight gain related disease states.

The condition of disability can be met by the social security system in these types of situations. Unfortunate consequences to perhaps an unwanted and unwelcome knee injury.