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Knee and Hip Arthritis

Knee and Hip Arthritis

Degenerative osteoarthritis is not always confined to one joint. Many patients are afflicted with arthritis symptoms in the hands and legs. Athletes may have involvement of shoulders, hips and knees, or any combination from many prior injuries.

Not to mention the spine is all too frequently involved. Back pain is only second to the common cold in frequency of medical visits.

Arthritis of the knee and hip can be especially troublesome due to the cumulative effects of debility and pain in more than one location of the lower extremity. This compounds difficulty with walking, sports, recreational activities and impairs functional ability.

Surgery may have been performed on one or more of these joints, and all too frequently recommendations for total hip or knee replacement surgery has been rendered. Possibly surgery recommendations are given for each joint. At times a hip or knee has already been replaced, and now the other side is symptomatic. Sometimes the joint replacement surgery was not completely successful, or resulted in complications.

Stem Cell Therapy may be an option in these situations. Options include treating either the knee or hip or both. This is dependent on several factors and should be discussed with an expert in Regenerative Medicine. The use of Stem cells in multiple joints or being done serially or to the most problematic joint is best left to an individualized decision between the physician and patient. Not every patient should be treated alike or in the same fashion. Individual differences in patients may impact decision making by the experienced Regenerative Medicine specialist.

Dr. Dennis Lox is an expert in Sports and Regenerative Medicine. Contact Dr. Lox for an evaluation.